Simple Ways to Add Mid-Century Modern Style to Your Home

Simple Ways to Add Mid-Century Modern Style to Your Home

Mid-century modern homes are part of the fabric of residential life in and around Phoenix. Whether or not you’re living in one of them, there are plenty of fun and elegant ways to add mid-century modern style to your home décor. It’s simultaneously retro and timeless, and it’s a great approach for creating a simple, minimalist, clean, cozy, whimsical feel in your home through interior design.

So, check out these ways to add mid-century modern style and pick out the ones that speak strongly to you. Of course, you don’t want to overdo it; but mid mod style plays so well with lots of other styles, it shouldn’t be hard to incorporate it around the house no matter how you have it designed and decorated.

Mid Mod Interior Design Tips

  • Maintain open, flowing living spaces bathed in natural light, and don’t let clutter build up.
  • Furnish your rooms with mid-century modern furniture, or mid mod-inspired furniture that features clean lines, rounded edges, and gentle curves.
  • Install some mid-century modern light fixtures.
  • Work in some fun mid mod and atomic patterns, like on area rugs, throw pillows, blankets, and other household items. Or even with wallpaper on an accent wall.
  • Look for clocks, other small appliances, or decorative items in a starburst shape.
  • Deck the walls with abstract expressionist works and other artworks from the 1940s and 1950s. Find decorative items modeled after those from the same decades.
  • Put a bar cart or a record player in your living room or other entertaining space.
  • Consider getting some of the many retro-style kitchen appliances available today.
  • Opt for flat-front or slab cabinet doors in the kitchen and on storage furniture pieces.
  • Favor natural materials like wood and stone. Then offset them with metal accents—especially brass or chrome.
  • Use neutral base colors and then add in bright pops of color around the room.
  • Add some live plants to your home.

Want some help adding mid mod flair to your home?

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