Where to Buy Mid-Century Modern Christmas Decorations

Where to Buy Midcentury Modern Christmas Decorations

Few things get me as excited as helping people add mid-century modern flair to their home. It’s such a fun style to work with, being simultaneously elegant and whimsical, so retro yet so timeless. And the holidays are an excellent time to incorporate the look while indulging in that seasonal home decorating binge that rolls around at the end of every year. So, I wanted to quickly share with you some places where you can buy mid century modern Christmas decorations.

And for the record, these aren’t affiliate links or anything I make any money from. These are just some sites I wanted to share where you can buy mid-century modern Christmas decorations that are fun and attractive.

Get Some Mid-Century Modern Holiday Décor Items

  • If you still need a Christmas tree, check out the Modern Christmas Tree website. It’s one of the coolest sources for artificial, highly aesthetic trees with lots of mid-century modern character and charm.
  • The Motor City Design Works Etsy shop has plenty of mid-century modern Christmas, holiday, and new years cards. Plus there’s some other fun seasonal stuff, like Christmas-themed MCM stainless steel tumblers and cutting boards.
  • Head over to Retro Christmas Shop. There’s an extensive catalog of 1940s and 1950s style ornaments, tree toppers, Santa and other holiday figurines, candles, garlands, tabletop items (e.g., mugs, salt and pepper shakers, candy holders), and more.
  • The Holiday Barn has all sorts of retro Christmas décor items, like ornaments, figurines, Christmas lights, throw pillows, mugs, bar towels, spice tins, and more.


And if you’re looking to add some more permanent mid-century modern character to your home, we happen to be expert consultants in that area, and we have great sources for MCM furnishings and décor and design items. Get in touch and let’s chat about what you’d like to do.

Looking to buy a Mid-Century Modern house?

We have the scoop on lots of MCM properties in the area, including off-market homes.

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