What Not To Do With A Mid Century Modern Home

What Not To Do With A Mid Century Modern Home

For anyone who has studied and truly appreciates mid-century modern architecture and design it is obvious that the vast majority of homes that come to market post renovation have been completely destroyed. Modernism is a fluid language that is constantly evolving with new technologies and materials and while there are things that need updating in older homes, there are design elements that should be preserved to retain the soul of the home and its original intention. 

What really kills me, and I see it often, is the heavy marketing via Realtors or the self-important designers who destroyed the home, but talk about how well they preserved it. The description talks about how well the mid-century roots and character have been preserved then you look at the photos and every mid-century design element has been ruined and the house looks like a generic photo in a Restoration Hardware advertisement. Aluminum framed window trim painted black, large pivot doors, terrible trendy fixture selections, poor cabinet and vanity selections, trendy countertops, barn doors, trendy millwork walls, etc. While this style is appealing to some there is nothing mid-century modern about it. 

A mid-century home that is updated while preserving character and intention is the magic balance. If you want insight into how to find a home like this or how to design one contact me here 

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By Ryan Smith

The founder and president of Mid Mod Phoenix, Ryan is passionate about mid-century modern architecture, real estate, modernism, restoring homes, designing beautiful living spaces, ASU, and enjoying life in the Valley of the Sun. To learn more about any of these topics, get in touch with him at ryan@midmodernphoenix.com.

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