Plants in Mid-Mod Design

Plants in Mid-Mod Design Room

Welcoming nature indoors is one of the basic mid-century modern characteristics. The presence of indoor plants in mid-mod design is an essential component of the style. Bringing greenery into your living space encourages a sense of continuity from the outside world to the inside of the home. Fortunately, incorporating plants into your home’s decor is one of the easiest ways to give your space that mid-mod look.

Plants can go virtually anywhere in your home, from your office to your bathroom. The quintessential plant choice for a midcentury modern room is the fiddle leaf fig, but there are so many other plants to choose from. Besides the obvious spots like on a shelf or table, there are many unique ways to add more greenery to your space.

Hanging Plants

In small spaces or houses with open floor plans, you may not have many surfaces to set your plants on. Plant hangers are the perfect solution if you want to bring more plants home. Install a hook in your ceiling or on a wall anywhere in your home to add a splash of green in an unexpected way. This is also a useful way to have your plants out of reach of pets that like to snack on the leaves.

Arguably the best plant variety to hang is the pothos. Its vines grow long and can even be wrapped around light fixtures and wall mirrors. But there are many other varieties that look great in a hanging pot.

Plant Cart

A bar cart is an expected component of a mid-century modern home, but plant carts are a fresh and innovative way to incorporate the aesthetic. Adding your plants to a cart is a great way to have many plants without taking up a ton of space. Just make sure your plants are grouped based on their needs. A few things to look out for are plant heights, sun exposure needs, and water needs.

A plant cart is a perfect place to display little succulents and cacti. These plants require very little water, sunlight, and maintenance, as they are extremely resilient. Another plant that will be very forgiving if you lack a green thumb is the air plant. These plants do not require soil to stay alive and just need to be soaked in water every few weeks. They’re a great finishing touch in any room as long as they stay out of direct sunlight.

Statement Planters

The plant itself can be a work of art, but a beautiful choice of a planter can elevate the look even more. Choose a bright color or look for fun shapes and interesting textures to liven up a neutral room. Pick a simple piece made of white porcelain, black slate, or terracotta if you’re looking for something more subtle.

Two classic plants in mid-mod design that look fabulous in any planter are the monstera and the dracaena (snake plant). Make sure to add a couple of these plants to your home, as the monstera’s rounded leaves will beautifully juxtapose the sharp edges of a dracaena.


The windowsill is an optimal location for plants that need a lot of sun exposure throughout the day. However, plants thrive in a consistent environment so be sure to keep them away from strong air conditioning flow or heat like a fireplace.

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