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Phoenix’s Most Influential Architects

Phoenix’s most influential architects include Frank Lloyd Wright, Al Beadle, and Ralph Haver. These three designers and builders have left a lasting impression on the city, and their works continue to be admired and appreciated. Frank Lloyd Wright Above all, one...

Finding a Mid-Century Home in Phoenix

Finding a professional to assist in your search for a mid-century modern home is not an easy task. There are very few Realtors with knowledge about buying and selling these homes and finding one with additional expertise in design and construction is like looking for...

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By Ryan Smith

The founder and president of Mid Mod Phoenix, Ryan is passionate about mid-century modern architecture, real estate, modernism, restoring homes, designing beautiful living spaces, ASU, and enjoying life in the Valley of the Sun. To learn more about any of these topics, get in touch with him at ryan@midmodernphoenix.com.

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