Finding a Mid-Century Home in Phoenix

Finding a Mid Century Home in Phoenix Front of mid mod house

Finding a professional to assist in your search for a mid-century modern home is not an easy task. There are very few Realtors with knowledge about buying and selling these homes and finding one with additional expertise in design and construction is like looking for a needle in a haystack. With the right person by your side, however, you give yourself a tremendously increased chance for success.

Real Estate Expertise

Real estate expertise goes far beyond the homes and the neighborhoods. There is a mid-century lifestyle that is comprised of your home, how you furnish it, how you live, where you go out to eat, and what buildings in your part of town hit you in the heart.

Based on what you are looking for we can provide you insight into real estate options to fit a desired lifestyle.  If you’re looking for a mid-century modern home in Phoenix, there’s simply no better choice for your Realtor than Mid Mod Phoenix.  Additionally, we also offer design, renovation, and restoration services to ensure you find the perfect home. This skill set is tremendously valuable when looking at homes to buy. You will have access to someone who can give you a renovation plan and budget before you even write an offer to buy the home.

Accurate Information for Remodeling

By working with Mid Mod Phoenix who specializes in mid-century modern architecture and construction in the Phoenix area you are setting yourself up for success. Having an ally in your corner to give you up to date information on material costs, labor costs and timelines to finish projects is a great start. Add to this experience working with the cities for building permits as well as how the project inspections are going to go. Additionally, working with us you will have access to finishes and details that fit the era of the homes without having to do any searching. This can open the door to exciting remodeling opportunities and help you make smart decisions about additions and renovations that could truly transform your home into something special.



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By Ryan Smith

The founder and president of Mid Mod Phoenix, Ryan is passionate about mid-century modern architecture, real estate, modernism, restoring homes, designing beautiful living spaces, ASU, and enjoying life in the Valley of the Sun. To learn more about any of these topics, get in touch with him at

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