Everything You Must Know About Building Mid-Century Modern Homes


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Have you always dreamed of living in a mid-century modern home? Mid-century modern homes are trending, and there’s no denying that they look exquisite. Many homeowners and interior designers are experimenting with this style. But is there more to mid-century modern homes than just their funkiness? Do they add to property value? Understanding their functionality, history, and characteristics can help you make an informed decision. Learn all about the reasons behind their popularity and what factors to consider.

When did mid-century modern architecture emerge?

Mid-Century Modern architecture originated in the mid-20th century. It embodied the wants and requirements of the population of that time, which preferred clean lines, simplicity, and functionality. Builders designed these homes with the nuclear family in mind. Today, the term is used to refer to homes that feature both modern and vintage elements.

Basic Features of Mid-Century Modern Apartments

Emulating mid-century modern elements in your home doesn’t have to be difficult. You can achieve this style by incorporating key features such as organic shapes and emphasizing utility over decoration. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Geometric and Organic Shapes
    One of the most defining features of mid-century modern style is the juxtaposition of geometric and organic shapes. You may find chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture with clean lines that are unique, yet minimal. This mix of geometric and organic shapes can create an eye-catching look upon entering your home. When choosing furniture for your mid-century modern abode, be sure to select items that have a combination of both geometric and organic shapes as this will truly bring out the unique style of the space.
  2. Function over aesthetics
    Most people in big cities stay in apartments with limited space, so they must make the small-sized rooms appear larger. Selecting furniture pieces for mid-century modern homes is a crucial task; interior designers don’t just pick furniture pieces based on their beauty, but also consider their purpose and their durability. Therefore, vintage furniture is an equally welcome option if it serves a purpose. Modern furniture is not without its purpose and is not necessarily unattractive.
  3. Minimal Ornamentation
    You won’t find any ornate detailing in any mid-century modern homes. Instead, its beauty lies in its straightforward nature. Following the footsteps of Scandinavian design, mid-century modern houses exude minimalism. Thus, the first thing you should do is get rid of superfluous decorations. It is okay to keep one or two statement pieces for a complete look but get rid of items that you don’t admire or use.
  4. Inviting Nature Indoors
    A mid-century house is incomplete without natural greens here and there. These homes don’t just have a balcony garden; they should also be adorned with potted plants in ceramic holders in the bedroom and kitchen. Not only are living houseplants an effective, affordable way to modernize any room, but they provide a great source of positivity, hope, peace, and happiness.Furthermore, these homes are characterized by large, flat-paneled windows with sliding doors, providing more access to fresh air and views of the outdoors than the smaller windows of earlier apartments. For areas of the home that are more difficult to reach, casement windows are the best option.
  5. Bold and Neutral Colors
    Neutral shades can never go out of fashion because they look appealing and classy, while also blending with the furniture of any room. The mid-century style makes extensive use of neutral hues, although the palette originally featured brighter colors in the 1950s. This eventually gave way to warmer, earthy tones during the 1960s. Subtle hues provide ample room for experimentation and flexibility, looking stunning with antique, engineered, as well as metal furniture pieces.If you’re looking to achieve a modern touch that will grab the attention of every visitor, occasional splashes of bright colors with dominant neutral tones can be used. For example, a textured wall or an accent chair in a contrasting color can make for a beautiful design aesthetic. However, when decorating a mid-century modern apartment, utility should be at the forefront so make sure the furniture you choose is strong enough to last through regular wear and tear.
  1. Contradicting Textures and Materials
    Wood and veneer are still typical elements of most mid-century modern homes, but designers are now incorporating other materials, such as acrylic, Formica, and plastic, into their designs. Don’t feel like you must limit yourself to wooden furniture – mixing and matching synthetic and organic elements can create stunning results when done right. Furthermore, wooden furniture requires regular maintenance, so if you don’t want the hassle of upkeep, try experimenting with some alternative materials. Are you feeling excited to share your ideas with your home renovation agency?

How to Get a Mid-Century Modern Property of Your Dreams

You can remodel your existing house to transform it into a mid-century modern home. Alternatively, you can build a new home from scratch. In either case, you must find a reputable company that specializes in constructing and renovating homes. Ensure that the company is legitimate and experienced. They should have the expertise and resources to complete the project, while also adhering to the latest trends.

This is vital, as an inexperienced company can’t provide the right elements. You could end up wasting your money and regretting it, so why take the risk? Every city has well-known realtors, so do your research before settling for one. Obtain the contact numbers of their previous clients for reviews and ask them to show you some of their latest home renovation projects. They will gladly take you on a tour of their freshly constructed properties if they are confident. This way, you will know that you are joining hands with the right team.

Parting Thoughts

Now it should be easier for you to decide if a mid-century modern house is ideal for you. You have gathered in-depth information about it and learned the importance of working with a reputable realtor. Furthermore, the interior design of these homes is timeless and can easily be incorporated into your own house. Keep in mind that your satisfaction should be your top priority and don’t forget to take your spouse’s opinion into consideration.



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